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Green Line has provided courteous, reliable Tree and landscaping services for customers in all of San Diego County, with an excellent history of customer satisfaction. Our mission is to enrich the lives of our customers by creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes that both enhance the value of their property and help to preserve the natural beauty of our California state.

Choosing a landscape or tree service company for your project is important, and as with all fields or services, all landscape companies are not created equal. Here at Green Line Service is all about our customers, we are proud to work with everyone of them and proud take care of their properties.

With more than 10 years, we've got the experience to get the job done. Also we are dedicated in providing our customers with quality, professionalism, reliability, punctuality, clean work and last but not least competitive pricing. Give us a call at 760-294-4968 we will be more then happy to come to your place and give you a free estimate.



Landscaping Services

We’ve handled all kinds of Landscaping jobs, so we come prepared to do the job right, from the beginning, saving you time and money. The result is a good looking landscape you will be happy with.

Tree Services

Our arborists are well trained and experienced to recognize, diagnose, and treat trees that have developed problems or have become a hazard. Inexperienced observers often think that they have encountered a serious problem when, in fact the symptom is only normal.


we understand that maintaining an aesthetically-pleasing fence that can stand the test of time is important to you. This understanding is reflected in our commitment to offering only the highest-quality fencing products available.

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